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Welcome on ReputationVIP's tech place.
You will find on this blog technical articles, code samples, tutorials for beginners or advanced users about current methodologies and technologies. We will also share with you our feelings about how we organize ourselves to work in the best possible way as a team. Feel free to comment.

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Olivier Balais

Olivier Balais is one of our software engineer, specialized in web development with PHP and Javascript. He loves to put some gouzigouza™ everywhere he goes.

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Adrien Chielly

Adrien Chielly is one of our craziest #SysOps. Some words to define him : Geek, AWS Addict, TV Shows fan, WoW Lover. And of course a joke : So, an orc walks into a bar with a parrot on his shoulder. The bartender says 'Hey, where'd you get that?' The parrot says 'Durotar. They've got them all over the place!

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Nicolas Couet

Nicolas Couet is one of our software engineer. He loves Star Wars, Lego bricks and Star Wars Lego bricks.

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Quentin Fayet

Software engineer, passionate about Machine Learning and analytics.

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Alban Pommeret

Alban Pommeret is Lead developer in our team, specialized in PHP and Javascript, he likes painting and cats

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Nicolas Viennot

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Alexandre Alberti

Rocking junior sys' admin !